In 1985, my parents left Halabja, Iraq for a better life. They travelled to Iran, before finally making it to London in 1986, where I was born 5 months later. Growing up, my mother taught me so much about good food and good flavours. She would tell me that her food was so tasty because she put all her love into every dish she made. I’d like to share the recipes that she shared with me over the years, and prove that absolutely everyone can be a fantastic cook when they are cooking the food that they love. 

My name is Zoya. By day I am a doctor, serving the East London community. When I’m not doing that, I cook. The Kurdish flavours that I have grown up with are very much a part of my soul, and so I try to combine them with modern technique as much as possible. There are also the more traditional Kurdish recipes that cannot be tweaked, that take a little longer to prepare but will undoubtedly blow your mind with their grandeur and flavour combinations. I plan to share all of my recipes and food adventures on this page. I hope you enjoy.